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Link Shortening

Shortening links with HIVE is very easy. HIVE automatically collects data and provides titles and descriptions for each link for SEO purposes. You also get access to a stats page with analytics to help you track all of your shortened links.

Modals Basic and Pro

Modal is a small popup that will appear in the left bottom corner of your page displaying a small message to visitors about promotions, news, updates, features etc. You can add 5 individual modals to your website, updating them in Hive will automatically update them on your website.

Billboards Basic and Pro

HIVE can help you to create transitional billboards with messages to represent your brand or company. These billboards work well for redirect links and help you get the most of every shortened link for marketing or promotional uses.

Branded Domains Pro

Brand your links across the web with your domain. Your domain takes the place of "hive.am" allowing you to create your own short links. Start shorten links based off of your preferences and only with domains you are comfortable using.

Device Redirect Pro

Hive will override the default URL, and forward the visitor to a device-specific destination.

Social Hive Basic and Pro

Schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or send them instantly from our Dashboard. You can now manage your Social Media with Hive.

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