Simple, yet Powerful URL Shortener

In times of social networks and smartphones we share links all day. Shorten links, share and keep track of them with HIVE. It's more than just a typical link shortener, it is an all-in-one web solution with a full host of analytics, enhancement tools and applications.

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Shortened links delivered 400,000,000+

All your Links in one place!

The dashboard offers archived results for managing all of your links in a quick glimpse allowing you also to view, edit or delete them. Quick views for analytics as well as an archive of your links helps you keep track of absolutely every link you shortened with HIVE. In addition to that, you have advanced options for link shortening as well as an overview on your user data.

  • Redirection Tools
  • Informational Campaigns
  • Beautiful Billboards
Perfect for sales & marketing

Modern and Informative Dashboard

Link Shortening

Shortening links with HIVE is very easy. HIVE automatically collects data and provides titles and descriptions for each link for SEO purposes. You also get access to a stats page with analytics to help you track all of your shortened links.



Grouping your archived links around specific targets or products as well as interests is very simple. Workspace is one of the easiest tools for marketers to use for shortened links and link building.



HIVE can help you to create transitional billboards with messages to represent your brand or company. These billboards work well for redirect links and help you get the most of every shortened link for marketing or promotional uses.

Branded Domains


Brand your links across the web with your domain. Your domain takes the place of "" allowing you to create your own short links. Start shorten links based off of your preferences and only with domains you are comfortable using. Also available SUB Domains via CNAME.

Device Redirect


Hive will override the default URL, and forward the visitor to a device-specific destination.




You can invite to your team up to 5 people. You can manage what they can do in Hive by giving them special permissons to perform actions.

Detailed stats of your links!

By shortening your links with HIVE you get access to detailed statistics for free with every shortened link that you produce. With the help of our advanced analytics you can see just how your marketing campaigns are doing and have access to even more analytic data that you might receive from your website dashboard. Sharing your statistics with others is also very easy. Every shortened link analytic report also comes with a generated QR code that makes it easy to share all of your statistics with a marketing team or with others online.

  • Country Origin
  • Operating System
  • Browser
Powerful tools that work

Advanced Link Options



HIVE analytic data is more advanced than many content management systems and website dashboards. You can get live click data, geographical location data and follow the link as it makes its way from website to website and user to user.

Data Export


You can export all of your analytics data through a QR code as well as keep a summary of your stats in a CSV file. All of your shortened links can be printed out and shared making this the perfect tool for marketing meetings and more.

Speed Boost


Your data are stored with cloud technology at multiple datacenter locations designed to address a very high level of security, performance and latency meaning that you can shorten and share links faster than ever before.



Share your links directly to social media accounts from your dashboard with one click.

Custom Alias


Easy to remember and unique links are essential. You can personalize your links with a custom alias and name them as you wish in your dashboard.

Password Protected


Sharing private links and information is easier than ever before with HIVE’s password-protection. Protecting your links from unauthorized access can help you share even your most important and links.

We present Billboards!

A billboard is a transitional page where you can add a banner and a logo along with a message to represent your brand or company. When creating a short link, you will be able to assign the page to your short url. Users who visit your url will briefly see the page before being redirected to their destination.