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Getting Started

HIVE is the place for you to shorten precious links, manage and edit those or just share them across the world. We took Hive even further now you can schedule posts on Social Media or send them instantly from our powerful Dashboard. Getting started with HIVE is easy:

1. Install the Browser extension or bookmarklet
2. Send a message on social media or schedule it for a later date
3. Shorten a link and explore its statistic
4. Check out your profile settings


Your Dashboard contains all your links that've been shortened. The links appear in a list which shows the title, shorten link, privacy/link settings and its clicks.

If you hover over single link boxes you have further link options such as archiving or sharing.

Shorten a link

The advanced link shortening

Social Media Management

As a member you are able to set a custom alias and description for your link. Furthermore you can protect it with a password or redirect visitors to a different page using their location.

Shorten links with HIVE is easy. You can shorten links with HIVE in three ways:

1. Shorten button on website
2. Browser Extension or bookmarklet
3. Using the API

Using HIVE

Shorten links with HIVE

You can shorten any link with HIVE. When shortening a link, HIVE automatically gets title and description for the link. We provide you with a short link, QR Code and a fresh made stats page. Just feed our form on the front page or in your dashboard.

Using link features

As a member on HIVE you have access to several features for your link such as Custom Alias, Make Notes, Password Protection and Geotargeting. Every link also comes with a QR Code and a stats page.


Bundle is way to group your links around topics, interests or by people. For example you might want to create a bundle for your Design Inspiration, Apps to Check, World Domination Project or collaborative Reading List.


Create a billboard to advertise or inform before the visitor gets redirected. Pro plan offers a white label Billboard where you can customise even your own logo. Click below to see in action.

Hive Billboard

Device Redirect

Hive will override the default URL, and forward the visitor to a device-specific destination.

Social Help

Track and compile click data

Detailed information makes the economy more efficient. HIVE provides comprehensive data in the form of live click data, geographic location, the website where the link was clicked and more.

Social Help

Frequently Asked Questions

So now you have HIVE set up, you might have some questions. Here is a little FAQ.

Why shorten links?

In times of social networks and smartphones we share links all day: whenever we share a great article on Twitter, a funny video on Facebook or a nice gadget on iMessage. But these links can be really long - too long! They neither look pleasant on our small screens, nor in longer texts on big screens. They take away space - important space.

How do I shorten a link?

Basically, every user can use the link-shortener on our front page and access the links' statistics. All you have to do is copy and paste the original link and press the "Shorten"-button. You will immediately receive the shortened link plus QR-Code and links to share it via social networks. In addition to that, you can also personalize your links with an account.

Why create an user account?

You don't have to but besides an overview of all your shortened links, there is also the possibility to edit or remove each one of them. Shortening of more than one link at once is also enabled, just like accessing their statistics by a simple mouse click. Public and private bundles help to organize your link collection.

Your account furthermore includes your own developer key, with which you can access our API. There is also a more advanced link-shortener within your account, providing more settings, such as password protection, naming your link as you wish or adding a description.

Is it possible for me to edit already shortened links afterwards?

Yes it is, however only through an user account. More features of HIVE can be found here.

Are my links private or always public?

Your links privacy is set individually and is private by default, your link can be completely private for your or public for everyone to see with just one click. The privacy can be changed on your dashboard.

Can I just save notes or text without a link?

Unfortunately that is not possible yet.

How can I find links later?

When you shorten a link with HIVE, the information of the link is automatically stored in to our search index. You can search from titles. However this is only possible if the shortened link is connected with your account.

What are bundles?

Bundle is way to group your links around topics, interests or by people. For example you might want to create a bundle for your Design Inspiration, Apps to Check, World Domination Project or collaborative Reading List.

I found a bug. What now?

We appreciate all kinds of bug reports, as they are useful for both of us. If you encountered any bug, feel free to contact us asap. To do this, press the 'contact' link in the bottom right corner. Please use a clear subject.