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Advertise on Hive and connect your brand with our global community. With over a million visitors per month, Hive’s ads offer a great way to give your brand more exposure.

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Add a beautiful picture of your product and a stunning message and your customers will enjoy seeying this transitional billboard. They will visit the link you shared see the message for 5-10-30 seconds and they move forward to the desired link.

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Banners & Native ads

Increase traffic to your website through banners (720x90, 300x250) or with our native content such as the notification bar or the sponsored coin. We also offer a new exchange membership, which gives your exchange even more exposure on Hive.


We enable you to target our visitors based on location, in specific countries, regions and cities. Most of our users are based in America, Asia is the second-biggest market, followed by Europe. Use the target options and connect your brand with our global community.

Our visitors, your audience

Hive connects your brand with over a million active users. The average age of these users is between 25-34. The platform is primarily used by retail investors. Target your new audience wherever they are, through mobile and desktop devices.

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Millions of people trust the Hive brand for reliable and extensive link shortening and advertising. Benefit from our trusted brand by advertising on our platform.

See it in Action!

A billboard is a transitional page where you can add a banner and a logo along with a message to represent your brand or company. When creating a short link, you will be able to assign the page to your short url. Users who visit your url will briefly see the page before being redirected to their destination.